A Begginer’s guide to shell scripting

Shell scripts are one of the easiest programming languages to learn. They are a Linux administrators best friend and you can use them to automate tasks like a server backup or even just to email you the IP address of your Raspberry Pi server on boot.

In this post we will see how to write a simple shell script and then proceed to some intermediate shell scripting examples.

Before we start, I recommend you install “VIM”, a file editor, via yum .

Let’s get started with a simple script to tell us the disk usage in the current directory

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The world’s smallest computer the Raspberry Pi

It comes with two 2.0 USB ports, an RCA port, a HDMI port, 512MB RAM (model b), 700MHz Arm processor, a 3.5mm audio jack and a 5v micro USB port for power. Everything you need for a computer

Read More of what I did with it

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Getting started with GitHub

Git is a version control system used for the up keep of your software. It’s sort of like a back up of your software which you can revert to incase of any errors or incorrect code change I am documenting a few Git commands that can be used with any Linux Distro. Installing Git Read More

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Tutorial on How To BUILD your first RPM

Finally, built my first  RPM and wrote a detailed report to it.

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How to Load Dynamic Modules like pagespeed without recompiling Nginx

I moved to Nginx from Apache about 6 months ago and havn’t looked back since. My Goal was to install a web server for my wordpress sites which is fast, light and easy to configure.

The only draw back of  Nginx is that it does not support DSO or Loading Modules dynamically like Apache.

This is not a problem if you want to install and run only WordPress, but it is a problem if you want to install external modules like Google’s pagespeed without having to recompile nginx.

The Solution I propose was to use Lighthttpd, which was event driven, similar to Nginx and lighter but instead I came across Tengine on the Google pagespeed documentation page.

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How to Install Lighttpd with Iredmail

Lately, I have been trying different web servers with the following Goals in Mind.

The response should be fast (as in resolve quick in a 2G network or a score of 90 n above in page speed)

Should be resource friendly, utilize less memory as possible.

With these two Goals in mind I have been experimenting with Nginx and Lighttpd .

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Cheap VPS Hosting with reliable support

For years I have struggled to find a Linux vps host, who is not to heavy on the pocket, and reliable as well. It was during this search that a friend recommended Directspace.

Now I would have not found Directspace had a I done a Google search for cheap vps hosting or Best wordpress hosting and I have tried all the other hosts like Godaddy, Hostgator and free hosting as well but so far I find Directspace the cheapest wordpress hosting with reliable support.

So what makes Directspace Cheap and Reliable?

Lets look at their plans

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