Top torrent sites and Torrent Search engines

11 Aug

Today I have decided to help those who keep searching the Internet For torrents.

Here is the list of Top Torrent sites with some very useful tips for getting exactly what you are searching for.


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Believe it or not, there’s a website Toorgle, the web interface looks quite similar to Google, is able to search up to 200+ torrent websites and it now has over 5,000,000 torrents indexed. If you don’t want to use software to do searches such as Torrent Harvester, you can try Toorgle.



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Auto search Torrents on multiple websites

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Torrnet search & Find Matching Subtitles!

The Torrent Toolbar searches in 1 click many popular BitTorrent sites and automatically matches available Subtitles translations from various subtitles sites in your language, saving you a lot of hassle and time.

5) Top Torrent Sites

* BTjunkie
* BTmon
* Demonoid
* IsoHunt
* Mininova
* SumoTorrent
* The Pirate Bay
* TorrentPortal
* TorrentReactor
* Torrentz

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