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The world’s smallest computer the Raspberry Pi

It comes with two 2.0 USB ports, an RCA port, a HDMI port, 512MB RAM (model b), 700MHz Arm processor, a 3.5mm audio jack and a 5v micro USB port for power. Everything you need for a computer

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Tutorial on How To BUILD your first RPM

Finally, built my first  RPM and wrote a detailed report to it.

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How to Load Dynamic Modules like pagespeed without recompiling Nginx

I moved to Nginx from Apache about 6 months ago and havn’t looked back since. My Goal was to install a web server for my wordpress sites which is fast, light and easy to configure.

The only draw back of  Nginx is that it does not support DSO or Loading Modules dynamically like Apache.

This is not a problem if you want to install and run only WordPress, but it is a problem if you want to install external modules like Google’s pagespeed without having to recompile nginx.

The Solution I propose was to use Lighthttpd, which was event driven, similar to Nginx and lighter but instead I came across Tengine on the Google pagespeed documentation page.

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My new site is now live Finally :)

Hey everyone

I have finally got my site live do check out, All new posts will be made here from now onwards

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WordPress using nginx, php-fpm and mysqld

php-fpm using a lot of memory

max children– This is the maximum number of child processes, this should be kept low and should be the same as max spare servers.
 The more processes the more memory used, hence this should be low

max requests : This should neither be too low or too high as too low means that the process needs to be recreated very often thus cpu usage and too high means that memory used will be more as to handle more connections memory is used.

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What Does echo 1>&2 mean

1 – stdout
2 – stderr

This means redirect echo’s output to stderr, with a message on how to use the script,
there needs to be exactly three arguments.

All error conditions should go to stderr.

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Toshiba Satellite l640 sound not working on Windows 7 64 bit

Hey Guys,

So the Sound was not working on my Toshiba Satellite, this happened after I installed the MTNL 3g HSDPA.
Thought it was driver issue but then why did it happen after I installed MTNL 3G, Weird.

Anyways after a bit of googling I figured it out.

Open the Start Menu in search type Sound and then click on change system sounds.
Next click on the Playback Tab and select Speakers High Definition audio device and the click on default and thats it, the speaker sound started working.

It turns out that the HSDPA was selected as default sound Device and hence the speakers were not working 🙂

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