How to increase your organic search traffic via long tail SEO

This is a very useful article I found, on wpbeginner

Everyone who has a successful blog or online presence can agree that search engine marketing is important. After the Google Panda and Penguin updates, everyone is trying to find ways to increase their organic search traffic the right way. A while ago, we came across a tool called HitTail through a friend’s recommendation. Although we were impressed with his HitTail review, like most folks we are skeptics when it comes to anything SEO related. After using HitTail to facilitate our long-tail SEO startegy on WPBeginner, we found that we increased our organic search traffic by 20% in less than 2 months.

Some of you would be like 20% that’s it? There are other bloggers who are bragging about 500% increases. The issue is that those other bloggers don’t have a lot of traffic to begin with. Increasing 500% is easy when you only have 500 visitors a month from Google. It is nearly impossible to do that on an established site getting 250,000+ visitors a month from Google. In this article, we will show you how we increased our organic search traffic using HitTail in WordPress by taking advantage of the long tail keywords.

What is Long Tail SEO?

Before we cover the topic on how we increased our organic search traffic, it is crucial that everyone understand what is long tail SEO. More importantly, we want everyone to understand the value of long tail SEO along with knowing the reasons why most smart SEO folks use long tail SEO

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My new site is now live Finally :)

Hey everyone

I have finally got my site live do check out, All new posts will be made here from now onwards

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The Secret to Increasing Traffic to your Blog –

Let’s think about why we blog.

More readers = more traffic
More traffic = more leads
More leads = more sales
Makes sense right…but the math doesn’t work for your own blog because the people who are on your site reading your blog already know about your services and when they need you, they will buy from you.

The secret is to growing your blog readers, website traffic, leads and sales is to blog on a major media site.

The Secret to Increasing Traffic to your Blog –

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WordPress using nginx, php-fpm and mysqld

php-fpm using a lot of memory

max children– This is the maximum number of child processes, this should be kept low and should be the same as max spare servers.
 The more processes the more memory used, hence this should be low

max requests : This should neither be too low or too high as too low means that the process needs to be recreated very often thus cpu usage and too high means that memory used will be more as to handle more connections memory is used.

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What Does echo 1>&2 mean

1 – stdout
2 – stderr

This means redirect echo’s output to stderr, with a message on how to use the script,
there needs to be exactly three arguments.

All error conditions should go to stderr.

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Shell scripting Interview questions

Hey Guys n Gals,

I m back after a long time, work work work…..I have started to write small articles help full to others and this one is shell scripting interview questions.

So here goes

This was asked at Capgemini

How will you save the output of the TOP command in a file?

Use  Top in batch mode

# top -b -n1 > filename.txt

The -b option is for batch mode and the -n option is for the number of iterations in this case 1.

You can use the -d to option to to specify the time between two iterations

# top -b -n1 -d10 > filename.txt

The delay is 10 seconds


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How to make a website for free

How to make a website for free ?

No Jokes Guys you can get a Free .in domain and a Free web hosting Service from Google in partnership with Hostgator check out

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