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How does the internet work?

One of the greatest things about the Internet is that nobody really owns it. It is a global collection of networks, both big and small. I found this article that perfectly explains how it works.
If there was anything you wanted to know about the internet or were confused about something this should clear your doubts

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My first Website

Alright now since you have visited so many sites now you wanna have your wn site and tell the world about yourself or just share your knowledge.

Now if you want your own website then the first thing you need to do is register your own domain name eg:,, then you would need  a server to host your site. In laymans term you can purchase hosting or you can purchase Managed Dns and domain forwarding and forward the domain to your blog. The latter is cheaper ofcourse since you can register a blog for free.

Points to remmeber are that the domain name is registered for a specific no of years,hence you will have to renew it.

Also if you purchase hosting you would need to know some basic ¬†information on servers and a bit of technical knowledge, i ‘ll explain why later.

All the above purchased have to be renewed as they have limited validity.

And dont worry if you didnt understand anything of the above i will be providing a detail step by step account of how i build a site a liitle later

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