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Why I like Android

Android is a Linux based operating system developed by Google for smartphones.

It’s open source platform and numerous free applications which can be installed are just some of the reasons I like it.

The others are below

5 Things Your Android Phone Can Displace

Seven reasons Android 2.2 Froyo beats the iPhone

It supports Flash player 10.1

The google nexus one android smart phone comes with 512mb ram and 1ghz snap dragon processor

Much better than windows 🙂

I hope you enjoy reading as much as enjoyed posting.

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How to Hide from Google

Google has the means to track users even if they are not logged into one of the many services provided by the company. Several options are available to create user profiles based on the searches conducted. This includes tracking IP addresses, analyzing Google Analytics data and cookies to track a user’s searches and activities over a period of time.

Google Sharing has been designed to protect users so that Google is not able to track their activities on the Internet. The concept is simple. Google Sharing uses a series of proxy servers
that have been specifically designed to work with Google services that do not require a login. Every access to such a Google service, like Google search
for instance, will be routed automatically through a Google Sharing proxy server that will replace the identifying data of the user with its own.

To get the Google sharing firefox add on Click Here

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