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A Begginer’s guide to shell scripting

Shell scripts are one of the easiest programming languages to learn. They are a Linux administrators best friend and you can use them to automate tasks like a server backup or even just to email you the IP address of your Raspberry Pi server on boot.

In this post we will see how to write a simple shell script and then proceed to some intermediate shell scripting examples.

Before we start, I recommend you install “VIM”, a file editor, via yum .

Let’s get started with a simple script to tell us the disk usage in the current directory

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What Does echo 1>&2 mean

1 – stdout
2 – stderr

This means redirect echo’s output to stderr, with a message on how to use the script,
there needs to be exactly three arguments.

All error conditions should go to stderr.

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Shell scripts for remote administration

The most useful way to administer multiple servers

A good tutorial on Shell scripting

Useful Shell scripts for remote administration can also be found on the link below

To find the size of large files on the remote server

ssh user@server du -h -a -c /path/tofile |grep ‘G\|M’

Shell script to get Information about your system

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