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Wired Network Device not managed Ubuntu 11.04

This is a common problem in Ubuntu 11.04, I tried to connect via a wired cable and was stunned to find that there was no auto Etho 🙂

After Googling for a while, I came across the solution below, hope it helps you guys

Solution is as follows
Step 1. Open the Network manager conf file

sudo gedit /etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf  

Step 2
Change the below line to true


Step 3
Reboot your System

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How does the internet work?

One of the greatest things about the Internet is that nobody really owns it. It is a global collection of networks, both big and small. I found this article that perfectly explains how it works.
If there was anything you wanted to know about the internet or were confused about something this should clear your doubts

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Websites resolving slowly

So you wanna know why your website is resolving slowly. A very simple way to find out is by pinging the server and doing a tracert. A better way to do it is with the pathping command. It’s simple again open command prompt and type “pathping” without the inverted commas :-).

Pathping does a ping on every path taken to reach the websit and provides you with combination of ping and tracert results.

Another useful command is tracetcp which send tcp packets over a network instead of icmp packets which is why sometimes when you do a tracert you will see the * sign.

Well for tracetcp you will have to follow the instructions in the link below

You can also check if your website from mutliple networks which would indicate if the problem is with your network or worldwide. one such site that provides this service is

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